This was a mammoth content gathering expedition for a huge archive of Bar Stories; the interactive digital experience The Few and Far Between. I spent 2 months travelling around the whole of The United States of America gathering the best tall tales from the most memorable drinking establishment from around the states. What resulted was digital experience smorgasbord, full of film, audio and photo stories.

I met Tone at the Sunny's Bar in Redhook, Brooklyn. I have a couple of hours of her audio wise, and after our long conversation, I was left feeling truly existential, like only a Scandinavian can. We came back a month later to do more of a filmed interview with photos, she was on great form and got out her guitar to sing us a song she had written about Sunny's Bar and the place that saved her life.

The first time I met George, my wife and I chatted with him in a Coffee shop next to his bar, the infamous St. Vitus in Green Point, Brooklyn. Since his bar is predominantly a heavy metal club he had so many fucked up stories that you would be gagging and laughing at the same time. In this story, a heavy metal band uses real blood for their show and doesn't clean it up. I loved George. His bar has held the best secret gigs ever, included unannouced shows for Nirvana and Pentagram. 

We met Jimmy in New Orleans, he was working on Frenchman Street, he been moonlighting as a bartender / musician / supporting artists for a bit. He'd just been one of the apes in the new Planet of the Apes movie. "Nawlins" had plenty of stories. Somewhere you can drink for 24 hours a day has tales for days. This duck story was the pick of the bunch.