I'm a director and writer who likes to make funny, humane films with funny humans. I'm also an award winning commercials director,

As an Amsterdam based hat wearer and British Tea Drinking Enthusiast, I produce content from live action scripted drama, sci-fi comedy animation to heightened documentaries and music videos.



High in the sky of a sci-fi metropolis a lone spaceship is confronted by a much larger and more intimidating vessel. When the bigger ship asks the small one why they share the same identification number a strange quandary forms and a mile-high debate ensues. DN is delighted to present the premiere of Floaters, a futuristic tale with a wonderful tinge of modern day humour. READ MORE>>>


As two floating ships face down, one of them a much nicer, larger model, a terse exchange follows. We slowly realize that the run-down ship has the wrong numbers painted on their tailfin...which has resulted in multiple parking violations sent to the wrong person. With fun production design and detailed backgrounds, the piece stands out because... READ MORE>>>


Director Joe Roberts mines every dog owner’s worst nightmare for laughs in this black comedy starring actor and comedian Maddy Anholt. The payoff is both pathetic and hilarious, as a cameo by spoken word artist Scroobius Pip makes Kelly’s fate even more absurd. In Roberts’s twisted world, then, not every dog has its day. READ MORE>>>



Joe Roberts and Maddy Anholt break the first rule of filmmaking with the help of Scroobius Pip and a thespian dog. Kelly tells the tale of a woman shuffling back home after a very heavy night out. And let’s just say that what she finds when she gets there doesn’t much help her hangover… READ MORE >>>


Joseph Roberts’ short manages to match the joy and energy of childhood excitement against the hardships of growing up and becoming your own person. It’s a real slice-of-life piece of filmmaking and the way Roberts renders the family dynamic is both gripping and heartbreaking. READ MORE>>>


The dynamic between a hopeless father and his young daughter is brought to life by Justine Emma Moore and Tim Plester in a way that is so believable it hurts your heart. Moore shows great skill in communicating with conviction the decision that had to be made without compromising the difficulty of making it.